The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December 2022.

The annual membership fee is € 25.00 per person ( exceptional this year).

If you are interested in joining the club, we ask you please, in the first instance, to fill out contact form on the CONTACT page. We also invite you to come to the upcoming drink to meet us.


For renewal of your membership please download the Membership Form 2022.

Please print it out and send it completed with your cheque  to :

Club des Ambassadeurs, BP 52, 83420 La Croix-Valmer 

You can also pay in cash or by tranfer. Please don't forget to send the Membership form.

For a renewal of membership 2022, the latest date of payment is 29 February.

For new membership. This begins once your application has been agreed and  the membership fee received.

Members may invite the same guests on a maximum of two occasions, after which they are expected to apply for membership.

Permission to use your photo

I authorize the Club des Ambassadeurs to use photos where I am present in all communication supports: the website, flyers, advertising, brochures etc. The photo can be integrated partly or totally.  

The Club des Ambassadeurs commit themselves not to exploit the photos in any context, morally or materially.

If you oppose against the authorization, please send an e-mail to Webmanager; Gras bruno: with copy to Claude Mortier.