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The Aim of the “Club des Ambassadeurs de La Croix Valmer” is Social Networking of both foreign and french residents with view to promoting La Croix Valmer and its quality of life.


The Club is very international with 14 different nationalities represented, people from all walks of life, both year-round residents and secondary home owners.


It provides the chance for its members to meet others and to develop contacts with like-minded people, organisations, associations, neighbouring villages.. It is a neutral club where everyone can meet with whatever interests (friendly, cultural, charitable, environmental, sporting, etc).


We organize visits, social events and activities throughout the year : cocktails, picnic and summer party, watching regattas, excursions... The Club integrates into the life of the village and takes also in charge of charitable activities.


The annual calendar of events also includes appetizers, regular members' meetings, in a bar / restaurant every second and fourth Friday of the month at 6.00 -9pm in the winter time and  7-9pm in summer time . It provides us the opportunity to meet members and new people in a warm, laid-back and friendly environment.


Guests and new menbers are always welcome. The subscription is 25€



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