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Activity : Art in our region

Carrieres of Lights, Village and Castle of Baux-de-Provence. 

The visit has been cancelled due to transport issues.

The key cultural element of the season will take place in the spring, an outing to the show Carrières de Lumières aux Baux de Provence. 

This year it represents a century of Spanish painting with masterpieces from Goya to Picasso through the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guelli in Barcelona. 

This unique creation dialogue in music on the limestone surfaces of Carrières des Baux.  An invitation to travel through a sustained artistic experience. 

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Testimonials from our members in previous seasons: 

- "A must-see site. Every year visiting the site with sublime themes I feel like in a white cathedral that takes my breath away. Magnificent! " 

- "For me, this exhibition place is one of the most fantastic experiences I've had" 

Price: 12.50€ ( entrance fee)

Date to be confirmed.

Departure by bus in the morning at 07:00

Career visit around 10am 

Those who wish can visit the beautiful village of Les Baux and its castle and eat there. 

Back by Bus 

The Cave of La Sainte Baume. 

The visit has been cancelled due to transport issues.


For the end of the season, a return to the calm with a ballad and picnic in the massif de la Sainte Baume, which attracts lovers of nature by the diversity of its reliefs, 

its walks, its beautiful forested areas and protected beeches and oaks, unique in Provence. 

We will visit the Grotto of Mary Magdalene place of spirituality since ancient times (see Gallic). 

An unavoidable place or according to the legend Mary Magdalene driven from Bethany settled in this cave, where the temperature does not exceed 12 degrees, to live solitude and contemplation. 

On return, those who wish can go through the Basilica of St. Maximin. 

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Car sharing planned, leaving at 8.30 am for 1:30  driving.  

Take your walking shoes. The trail is accessible to all and not too steep.

 Bring your picnic, bread, wine, ... and sit on the floor.

Space between Art and Nature, exhibition: "Sea of ​​Desire" in Porquerolles, Carmignac Foundation.  

June 04, 2018

"Edouard Carmignac and his son Charles have decided to move the 300 works of art from their collection on display in Paris, in an unusual place between land and sea where you have to abandon the stress of the continent to get to the other side, .... .. 


It was therefore necessary, on this classified site, to bury everything under the old farmhouse (bought by the Carmignac family 20 years ago, after Mr. Edouard Carmignac attended a wedding in these places. 

Natural light is caught by a pool ceiling into the 2000 m2 site under 5 m high houses with a collection that includes more than 300 works and a sculpture park of 16 hectares.

 Father Edouard Carmignac and the eldest son Charles have thought of this site as a score of music whose master idea was born on the island of Naoshima and the Theshima Art Museum in Japan. 

The goal is to transmit interconnected passions like art, music, nature, business. 

The visit of the exhibition "Sea of ​​Desire" is an initiatory experience, 

it has a definite ritual of "680 steps" that run with a soundtrack, barefoot. A natural decoction to drink at the beginning and wine from the estate to be deserved at the end. It is a physical and mental journey in the heart of the Mediterranean forest to find "its roots and its relationship to the world".

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Departure: Boat from Quai Marc Pajot in Cavalaire ,Tuesday, June 5 at: 9.00 am arrival at Porquerolles at 11.00 am, (presence on the boat 15 min before departure)

Return: Departure from the port of Porquerolles Tuesday, June 5 at 17.00 pm arrival at Cavalaire 19.00 pm. (presence on the boat 15 min before departure).

Please bring your own refreshments for the boat rides as there is no restaurant onboard.

Lunch is not included, but there are several restaurants in Porquerolles or you can bring your own picnic.



40,90 € per person.


Registration and payment:

Registration is open today, May 8th, 2018 at the treasurer Mariette Doyer by email at: and are closed on May 22, 2018.

Inscriptions worth payment.

The payment is to be executed simultaneously with the registration by sending a check of 40,90 € to the address Mariette Doyer, Allée des Cimes, nr 7 83420, La Croix Valmer or payment in cash to Mariette according to its availabilities.



The Bernar Vernet Foundation, in Muy and The Commanderie de Peyrassol.

June 28, 2018

Bernar Vernet Foundation, Le Muy Bernar Vernet, owner of the Château de Versailles Park in 2011, is a French sculptor and sculptor known worldwide for his monumental sculptures in steel. Its property in Muy covered with tall pines and palm trees is remarkable for its former factory, now transformed into a gallery, its private area and a wild river that separates the park. A bridge - a work of art by Bernar Venet - crosses the stream. Apart from these steel sculptures you can admire works by his artist friends, especially Americans.


After the Bernard Vernet Fondation, we will go by cars to the Commanderie de Peyrassol.

The monumental sculpture park located in the midst of our vines and woodland is one of the finest open-air collections of contemporary art. These works create a link between art and history, and a stroll round the park leads to surprising discoveries and reveals the intimate heart of the Commanderie, for which most of these works were specially created. Jean Dubuffet, Jean Tinguely, Arman, César, Niki de Saint Phalle, Bernar Venet … the most prestigious artists are on display here, inviting the visitor to marvel, to reflect and to simply enjoy.

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Price: 12€ 50 + 8€ 

Car sharing planned, a departure for the day and a departure for the afternoon with return the same day. 

The tour is open to walkers, gardens and private arches are beautiful, bring your walking shoes

We will meet again 10 hours in the carpark on the left a few meters after the entry in the way of Serres with the Muy. Admiring the waterfalls of the river and the mill lost in the greenery of a green wall, which Bernar Venet bought decades ago, we will arrive at the entrance to the park. Guided tour 10.15 to 11.45 hours.

Around noon I booked 1 km further on the road to Callas in Resto La Maurette for our group (there is a lunchtime formula at 16.50 Euro).

Around 14 hours around 35 km by the motorway and N 7 to join the Domaine de PEYRASSOL. Free tour! A tasting is planned for wine lovers. Return freely

Organiser: Gudrun Freudenstein,

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